The Thatched Roof Houses of Toraja

Toraja, Indonesia is one of only a handful few spots where conventional houses in the local tribal styles keep on being fabricated and utilized by individuals who live there, and are not only there to help Western vacationers who need to take photos of the nearby culture. The Torajan houses have, in any case, wound up turning into such a vacation destination, in enormous part on account of their interestingly covered, saddleback-formed rooftops. These Torajan homes are called tongkonan, and they have an extremely particular rooftop plan that focuses forcefully out of sight. As indicated by legend, the state of the rooftop should take after the boats that the Torajans cruised in to show up at their present country. Their journey by boat up the Sungai Sa’dan Waterway, the story goes, started millennia prior. After island jumping for quite a while, the Torajans discovered the Waterway and rode it to the extent present day Enrekang, from where they proceeded with the excursion by walking. They carried their boats with them, be that as it may, and utilized them as rooftops when they at last discovered a spot in which to settle down. Today, the pointed, bow-like state of the tongkonan houses should help the Torajans to remember their foundations. 

With respect to the common sense of the actual rooftops, they are extraordinarily strong and tough. For what reason do you figure the Torajans haven’t tried to update them following 1,000 years? Cover care is moderately negligible, and the exceptional covering technique, which utilizes a safe distance, split bamboo goes for tiles, is extremely compelling at keeping precipitation out when you need to. Another special part of Tongkonan houses is that they generally point toward the north. They are typically made out of three rooms: the lounge, the visitor room, and the room where the family rests, which additionally serves as where the dead are kept when they still can’t seem to be covered. The floors of the visitor room and the “room” (as it were) are normally consistently somewhat higher than the floor of the focal lounge. The covered rooftops are ideal for the environment, not just on the grounds that they are compelling at impeding water, yet they likewise figure out how to help keep the inside of the house cool during the extreme, heat months. 

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