Rambu Solo’ – A Fascinating Culture of Tana Toraja

A gathering of 80 individuals, male and female, stood clasping hands and shaping an enormous circle on a field. They sang grieving tunes in a lethargic rhythm as a great many observers looked on. Gradually, they inclined to one side, at that point to one side, at that point right once more, while infrequently remained stealthily. This is the Ma’badong custom, tune to go with a memorial service ritual. Torajan culture sees burial service custom as a vital occasion with profound importance. Previously, Torajans accepted that the burial service custom – called Rambu Solo-ought to be led to satisfy the divine beings so the dead will be excused and acknowledged into paradise. These days, the memorial service ritual is led to respect the dead and the dispossessed family. Rambu Solo is a gigantic Undertaking enduring an entire week. No big surprise it pulled in huge number of individuals, both to join in and to help guaranteeing that the burial service ritual goes easily. Hundreds, at some point thousands, of wild oxen and pigs were forfeited for Rambu Solo. Everything relies upon how enormous the memorial service custom will be. Bigger services will require more noteworthy number of forfeited livestock’s, despite the fact that bison doesn’t come modest, costing ten million rupiah ( US$ 1,100) each. The size and degree alone would be sufficient justification unfamiliar and nearby travelers not to miss noticing Rambu Solo. 

All things considered, Rambu Solo is just one of Torajan culture’s numerous intriguing side. As a component of the primary influx of people to possess the Indonesian archipelago and archetype of the proto-Malay culture, Torajan’s custom and lifestyle is extraordinarily noteworthy. For instance, Tana Toraja is one of only a handful few spots in Indonesia where individuals actually construct an ancestral house – the Torajan alludes to it as tongkonan. It isn’t extraordinary to discover seeing tongkonan with its particular upset boat formed rooftop, sandwiched between rich paddy fields. Spread around Rantepao and Makale, capital city of Toraja Rule, are towns with old tongkonans that is as yet occupied by its manufacturer’s relatives. Among those towns, Kete’kesu is the most significant in light of the fact that it has been assigned a social conservation site and has one of the enormous number of tongkonans. 

Five tongkonans stand tall in the midst of the crowd of guests; each was made without utilizing a solitary nail and embellished with their own unmistakable carvings. Indeed, even at look, the ancestral houses looked old. One of them is supposedly 400 years of age. One of them is purportedly 400 years of age. In plain view before each house are bison horns to connote economic wellbeing. The more and greater those horns are, the higher the status. Across the tongkonan lie grain storehouses that local people call alang sura, while at the rear of the complex is an antiquated burial ground that is at any rate as old as the tongkonans, yet most likely more, in light of the rotting wood of the coffin inside. “Graveyard” may help us to remember bodies covered subterranean and headstones, however nothing of the sort is clear in Tana Toraja. This is another uncommon part of Toraja culture. 

They don’t cover their dead like in most culture; rather they put the dead inside caverns, either regular or man-made. These entombment buckles ordinarily exist in high bluffs or huge rocks, for example, in Lokomata. Assuming characteristic caverns are not promptly accessible, it should be cut into rocks, a careful interaction that can require a very long time to finish and generally done well before the proposed inhabitant dies. From outside, the passage looked little. In any case, inside, the cavern is adequately huge to oblige a few bodies alongside their effects. Now and again, a day to day existence size sculpture looking like one of the dead is put before the cavern opening. In the interim, a child who has not developed any tooth will get diverse treatment if there should arise an occurrence of death. Rather than cavern, the infant will be covered inside tree trunk, like those found at Kambira. These internment systems are broadly recognized as one of Indonesia’s phenomenal societies. 

Prospective World Legacy Site 

Kete’kesu, Kambira, and Lokomata are not by any means the only places to encounter Torajan culture. Different spots that ought to be visited including Palawa, Parinding, and Londa towns, massive stone construction of Bori Kalimbuang, Sullukang city, Sa’dan Stream in the center, additionally has beautiful view, overwhelmed by green shade of trees and immense paddy fields. One of the few spots to appreciate the view is Batutumonga on the incline of Mount Sesean. From this calm however lovely spot, one can see obviously the Sa’dan valley and Rantepao city underneath. For just a 45 minutes trip from Rantepao, travelers can appreciate journeying and lunch or go through the night here. 

While going in Tana Toraja, vacationer can at some point run over marriage or house warming functions (called Rambu Tuka) that are likewise very remarkable. The services for the most part involve melodies and moves acted before the Tongkonan. Torajan individuals hold quick to their way of life as a feature of their every day schedule. Their striking lifestyle has put the Torajan on the map on the planet and Tana Toraja is presently during the time spent turning into a world Legacy Site. 

Taking advantage of Tana Toraja 

Tana Toraja is a little rule situated in South Sulawesi Territory, around 380 km from Makassar, capital city of South Sulawesi. Various traveler sports are dispersed all through the regime, making Rantepao city, directly at the core of Tana Toraja, an ideal spot to start any excursion. For sure, there are inns and eatery in Rantepao that explicitly oblige traveler’s requirements. 

Arriving at Tana Toraja is pretty much as straightforward as passing through cleared street from Makassar, or flying out Makassar on Merpati Aircrafts each Tuesday and Friday. Visits guided to Tana Toraja is additionally accessible in Makassar and a well known alternative with unfamiliar travelers since it is pragmatic and considerably more agreeable. 


The Thatched Roof Houses of Toraja

Toraja, Indonesia is one of only a handful few spots where conventional houses in the local tribal styles keep on being fabricated and utilized by individuals who live there, and are not only there to help Western vacationers who need to take photos of the nearby culture. The Torajan houses have, in any case, wound up turning into such a vacation destination, in enormous part on account of their interestingly covered, saddleback-formed rooftops. These Torajan homes are called tongkonan, and they have an extremely particular rooftop plan that focuses forcefully out of sight. As indicated by legend, the state of the rooftop should take after the boats that the Torajans cruised in to show up at their present country. Their journey by boat up the Sungai Sa’dan Waterway, the story goes, started millennia prior. After island jumping for quite a while, the Torajans discovered the Waterway and rode it to the extent present day Enrekang, from where they proceeded with the excursion by walking. They carried their boats with them, be that as it may, and utilized them as rooftops when they at last discovered a spot in which to settle down. Today, the pointed, bow-like state of the tongkonan houses should help the Torajans to remember their foundations. 

With respect to the common sense of the actual rooftops, they are extraordinarily strong and tough. For what reason do you figure the Torajans haven’t tried to update them following 1,000 years? Cover care is moderately negligible, and the exceptional covering technique, which utilizes a safe distance, split bamboo goes for tiles, is extremely compelling at keeping precipitation out when you need to. Another special part of Tongkonan houses is that they generally point toward the north. They are typically made out of three rooms: the lounge, the visitor room, and the room where the family rests, which additionally serves as where the dead are kept when they still can’t seem to be covered. The floors of the visitor room and the “room” (as it were) are normally consistently somewhat higher than the floor of the focal lounge. The covered rooftops are ideal for the environment, not just on the grounds that they are compelling at impeding water, yet they likewise figure out how to help keep the inside of the house cool during the extreme, heat months. 


The Unquestioned Benefits of Drinking Coffee

At the point when a news story discusses the advantages of 4 cups of espresso daily, they don’t mean espresso stacked with cream or sugar. Those espresso drinks with added fat and calories may build weight and cause an increment in hazard for specific sorts of malignancy. Since we have set up that espresso can assist with bringing down the danger of disease, what precisely is in espresso that makes it a decent malignancy warrior? As indicated by the American Foundation for Malignant growth Exploration, a few things in espresso make it a possible disease warrior. Various beans, dishes and fermenting techniques sway the medical advantages of espresso. As indicated by Science Day by day, the useful mixtures per serving of espresso change contingent upon the espresso beans, the cooking strategy, and the fermenting technique. One examination showed a diminished danger for colorectal disease paying little heed to what flavor the espresso was. Yet, most specialists say dark espresso conveys the greatest value for your money with regards to malignancy hazard decrease. The expansion of cream and sugar just prompts other medical conditions. Among other amazing advantages of espresso for your psyche, body and life span, this one stands apart as being possibly useful for a large number of individuals all throughout the planet. Espresso lessens your danger of Type 2 diabetes. Type-2 diabetes is quite possibly the most unmistakable medical issues on the planet. In spite of the fact that scientists presently can’t seem to sort out precisely why espresso brings down your danger of type-2 diabetes, it is realized that this drink can lessen the danger for this sickness by as much as half 

Espresso improves actual yield. Caffeine found in espresso improves strong withdrawals and blood stream, taking into consideration smoother neuro-solid changes and expanded power of compression. This is ideal for competitors who need a serious edge while preparing, or anybody engaged with actual work so far as that is concerned, as its advantages should show as protection from weakness. Yet, individuals taking part in aggressive games should know that caffeine is among the limited medications for this very explanation. So drinking a lot of espresso could well get them removed from the opposition! While we basically utilize some espresso creator machines for making cold mix, it can likewise be utilized to make hot mix espresso. The virus blend when put away in the refrigerator noticeable all around close pitcher remains new for about fourteen days. Envision the measure of time you save each day with an espresso creator.  The virus blend is made by soaking the espresso beans in cool water. As a matter of fact, the virus blend espresso creator is left to make the virus mix in the fridge. Fermenting in chilly water gives the espresso a smooth and full-bodies flavor that is somewhat lovely to taste with no of the severe suggestions present in hot mixes. 


Advantages Of Having A Virtual Assistant

Setting Up A Service Based Business For Beginners. Everyone can establish his own business. However, for most entrepreneurs, they face struggles in building their business alone. They were frustrated when others continue their business grow and grow. It changes their behavior towards themselves as well as to their family and friends. Establishing business must possess a strong foundation as it will help retain the company in the market. As we lived in modern technologies, entrepreneurs must think of what are the things that could help their business progress. To attract more customers globally and retain as their markets. Hiring a virtual assistant will help your business grow and succeed as well as it could help you more comfortable and living a life without worrying more. Building a team could make it easier for the business to manage and continue to engage the customers with informative details. Expanding your business will keep it running efficiently and effectively.

Here are some advantages of having a virtual assistant:

  1. A virtual assistant help reduce the time for you so that you can focus on other business operation. It helps to run your company smoothly without interfering with other tasks to focus on promptly. She/he can manage the time to complete the assignment that given to her/him. Multitasking is more effective that VA can do for your business.
  2. A virtual assistant help to save you money to spend since it needs not to work in an office to occupy space and buy new equipment such as computers, headsets or telephones. You are not obliged to pay for benefits or additional taxes. You will only pay your VA for the time that worked for the task that you give her/him.
  3. A virtual assistant helps you to save from having headaches. Focusing too much on everything can make you worry and became frustrated and could affect your business. He/she helps you to make things organized and run it smoothly and can handle several tasks without unwanted interruptions until it is all done. You can focus on the growth of your company and make you more confident.
  4. A virtual assistant helps you to strengthen the weak area that you have. Compared with working in the office, you will be performing several tasks since you will focus and handle your employees while doing their jobs. You always beside them to update, and have several rules to conduct while working. With virtual assistants, as they were skilled, they can do more tasks such as if you wanted someone to answer emails from your customers, manage to have an advertisement on social media, conducting Internet research and finding suitable people who could buy your products. VAs are skilled professionals.

One of the most critical thing in hiring a virtual assistant is he/she must have a positive attitude. Having this will help you in growing your business. He/she may have a great relationship as a partner since you will give your trust. Virtual assistants are always willing to learn new things and ready to be trained. Having them in your business could help you also find more time for your family or friends, reduce your finances and make you an effective and efficient entrepreneur. Remember that you cannot do it all alone if you want to have a successful business. Hire a skilled professional virtual assistant.[]


How To Start A Service Business

Although there are exceptions where both entities are entwined into one, most basics of the business is built around one unifying category so that the intentions and goals are clearly and visibly set.

This distinction allows the individual to then decide of the accompanying tools that should be chosen for the purpose of enhancing the business experience and also to contribute positively to the ease of running the business entity.

Most service based forays are labor intensive which the business entity revolves around. This is either packaged as the selling of expertise in a particular field or the selling of the actual “engines” that produce the desired outcome that bring in the revenue.

Either way the quality, efficiency, attention and detail that is exercised within the business are the eventual elements that are going to make or break the business foray into the revenue churning mechanism.

Basically offering the time frame required to create a particular service or to provide the content of the project itself is how the cost factor is calculated and the profits are gained in the service based business.

Therefore, the individual would have to factor in the cost of business entity by the labor intensive tool it provides, in order to provide a suitable base line for the eventual calculation of the profits and the pricing suitable to be demanded.

Alternatively the value of the service based business can be calculated on the value of the service being provided in a consultancy capacity which is evaluated against the insights the said service will bring to the company with the intention of creating a system thereby the said company is able to save or be more cost effective.

Being able to identify a suitable and good service based company is very important if the new business or existing business owner intends to hire its services to help enhance the site’s potential.


Identifying the characteristics of a particular service based company and matching them to the needs of the site in question will allow the business owner is make an informed decision of the merits of the chosen service.

Do Your Research First

Customer perception of a company is very important to the progress and eventual success of any business endeavor, therefore it is very important to be able to identify the appropriate service based one to best suit the individual’s needs.

Being able to provide good service should always be the prime concern of any business entity especially if its revenue earning power depends on this one factor.

Market research is often the best way to identify the companies that have good track records and are capable of delivering what they promise.

This information can easily be sourced over the internet as these companies will be active in presenting their achievements for all interested parties to view.

It is also an excellent platform for potential clients and competitors alike to note the merits of the presenting service based company.

Being well-placed on the search engine rankings will allow the service based company to be more visible and thus make it easier to garner the intended customer base to ensure its consistent success.

The features of a good service based company would have to include the value added by the business entity from the input stage to the output stage where the results are then measured by its success rates.

These input stages are often regarded as the commodity phase and the processes that it is designed around have to ensure the successful output stage which is where the end desired results are more than adequately met.

Making a sale or pushing a business proposition is never an easy task to accomplish for some, therefore having the relevant assisting tools at hand should provide the individual with some encouragement to see the process to success.

Marketing Skills

The following are some tools that can prove to be of great assistance to any individual intending to beef up their marketing skills:

Making use of as many online tools as possible to promote the business or product intended is one way to start the enhancement of the marketing skills venture.

Using blogs to create the interest and visibility for the item is something that should be considered as this is one way to get the attention of the target audience without much cost incurred.

Working together with others is another way to beef up an individual’s marketing skills. Being part of a team effort where the individual’s talents and contributions are noticed and acknowledged is definitely an encouraging factor and helps the individual to be more adventurous and keen on honing his or her skills further.

Availing one’s self to be listed on freelance job sites is also another way of beefing up the marketing skill of an individual. The fact that the visibility factor the site can bring to the individual will help the person focus more on ensuring the eventual connections made are optimized and locked in at the earliest opportunity.

Social websites are also a good platform to introduce one’s marketing skills to the masses.

Because of the competitiveness of all the participants in this particular platform the individual will subconsciously be forced to step out and ensure his or her participation leaves a positive impact on the interactions.

Showcasing all the positive skill of the marketing process will eventually earn the respect and attention of others looking for such services.

Create Your Website

Creating a website can be a challenging feat for those not very internet savvy, however it is not altogether a task that is formidable in nature. With a little startup knowledge and tips anyone can successfully attempt to put together their own website.

The following are some guidelines that will help ease the process:

Registering the suitable domain name is the first step to take when designing a website.

The choice of this domain name should ideally take into consideration the relevance the name has to the intended site, an easy to remember reference, one that is short yet descriptive and whether it has the right extensions tagged to it such,.com,.org.

The next step would be to set up a web host account and this would entail the picking one that can provide the services the individual would need for the website.

Although cost is always a factor for every business endeavor, it would be advisable to avoid using the cheaper and inexperienced ones available as this might end up costing the individual in the future.

The follow up step would be to point the domain to the web host in place.

This is a fairly simple exercise, however if the individual faces any potential problems along the way there are always assisting platforms to tap into to get the relevant help or explanations.

Getting a word press linked to the site is another important step to incorporate into the setup. This word press is a free platform that is used by bloggers and allows the individual to build the website with the minimum of effort while making it user-friendly always.

Last but by no means the least, would be for the individual to organize the website.

This process would involve the backtracking exercise to ensure there are no defaults that would cause the viewer to be put off when visiting the site.

Learning to build websites isn’t the complex technical process a lot of people think it is. All you really need to do is come to our website and get access to 300+ Tutorials that show you step by step how to build a website, and so much more, and start playing around with building your own websites.

Advertising Ideas

In order to stay competitive it is necessary to always be able to have fresh views and ideas to present to potential customers and target audiences. Without such innovations the website will become stagnant and outdated thus eventually causing the original high volume of traffic flow to thin out. Brainstorming is one way of gathering and creating new ideas that would benefit any endeavor.

Some of the ways that can be adopted to bring forth interesting and innovative ideas at the brainstorming sessions are facilitated by encouraging the participants to simulate the mindset of the customer or the intended target audience.

By doing this the participant are more likely to anticipate the needs and wants of the customers and target audience and design any changes to fit into this discovery.

Bringing people together to discuss ideas at the same time and in the same place is also another good advantage the brainstorming sessions can facilitate.

Advertising ideas and campaigns can be discussed in “real time” as opposed to having emails flying about which is less effective and time-consuming and even confusing at times.

Brainstorming for advertising purposes, should ideally take into account the following points:

Problem definition and identification should be done at the very onset of the exercise. With this clearly outlined, other factors can then be worked on in line with the initial problem discovery information.

Custom designing can also be worked on within the brainstorming session, as the collaboration of views can contribute to finding the one idea that is going to eventually used to build the campaign around.

Customer Service

Making a sale is only the first step is the relationship building exercise, which will eventually contribute to either the success or failure of any business endeavor. Therefore, it is important to pay attention to the customer service offered to cement the success rate desired.

The following are some tips as to how to stay on top of the customer service exercise:

Taking the customer for granted is the first and most common mistake most businesses make. This is especially evident when the business has expanded to now successful and comfortable levels. Often forgotten is the customers that brought the business to such heights in the first place.

Therefore, it is very important to keep in touch with the customers so that vital information can be obtained about the current needs and wants of the customer.

In the quest to stay informed and provide optimum customer service another point to consider and exercise is the importance of being fresh and innovative with ideas that are going to keep the customer coming back for more.

When boredom sets in the customer will usually simply look elsewhere for the next new exciting thing that attracts their attention.

Therefore, in order to induce customer loyalty innovative ideas should be a constant feature within the business.

Happy Customers Are Loyal Customers

Training staff to treat each customer with respect and individuality is well worth the effort. Sometimes this positive treatment is the defining factor that keeps the customer coming back, even if the products are not exactly the best in the market.


Having the protocols in place for quick and efficient responses to a customer’s queries or grievances, is one way of ensuring the individual stays a loyal customer and does not spread negativity about the business or product. Happy customers are loyal customers.

In most cases it is rather difficult to specifically categorize businesses into specific service based styles. This is mainly because a lot of businesses tend to incorporate different platforms and strategies into the actual blueprint of the business format.

However, there are some that can be clearly defined as service based business companies and the following are some of these examples:

Types Of Service Based Business

Such service companies may include the likes of services provided by doctors, accounts, architects, actuaries, lawyers and other related fields.

On a more creative side one may include the likes of services provided for by fabric designers, fashion designers, color scheme artists and many more as the list of such endeavors can be quite overwhelming.

Most service-type companies rarely have appreciable inventory as the purchases for usually made with the objective of facilitating a job thus the need to carry any inventory would not be necessary.

Merchandising companies can also be considered service-style enterprises as they to provide a service of sort to the customer base.

However, this service is based solely on providing tangible elements rather than just the action of extending physical service. The generation of revenue is from the actual sale of the inventory rather than from the service extended.

Manufacturing companies also come under the category of providing a service to the industry and the customer needs. In this scenario the products or items are made and sold within the company’s business entity thus ensuring monetary gains are derived both from the product and the service offered by manufacturing the product.

All these different types of basic service providing entities are all in place with one goal in mind and that is to create the platform for revenue earning potential. Therefore, in order to understand and identify which would be best suited for the individual business owner, more research should be done to find the style that best suits the individual’s needs.

OK, so I hope this article gives those looking to start their own online service based business a better understanding on what it takes to set up and grow a successful online serviced based business.